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Review: Public Enemies


The best part of my Independence Day weekend was getting to see the John Dillinger biopic “Public Enemies.” Johnny Depp is really amazing in capturing the 1930s bank robber. Depp of course pours himself into the character of Dillinger like he does for all of his films, becoming his subject completely. It’s a shame this man does not have an Oscar. And he looks damn good in a suit!

Depp is just as cool, cunning and cuthroat as you might have expected Dillinger to be. And he plays the character with just the right amount of je ne sais quoi. After seeing  Johnny Depp’s performance you understand why Dillinger was such a beloved figure in Depression-era America.  He was ruthless and debonair. I especially enjoyed his courting of Marion Cotillard. She plays Dillinger’s love interest Billie Frechette.  My favorite parts of the movie were Depp and Cotillard interacting. Ohhh when a bank robber loves….. My favorite scene in the movie is their first meeting when they go to a restaurant.

The film is visually beautiful as well. The crime scenes seem very real, like you are sitting in the middle of them. Kudos Michael Mann.

The only part of the movie I did not like was Christian Bale.  Bale as a Southern gentlemen FBI agent…. yeah no. Is  anyone else as sick of him as I am? He is such a flat actor. I half expected him to turn into Batman and go catch Depp’s Dillinger and speak yell at him in super low man voices. He’s such a snore and adds absolutely nothing to the movie.

Bottom line: Public Enemies is worth 10 bucks, and a great date movie, because it’s got the romance and the gun fights.



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