Review: Letters To Juliet

Let me just start by saying that I think Amanda Seyfried is absolutely adorable. She has that kind of quality on screen that makes you want to watch.  I was very excited to see this movie when I first saw the preview. I am an absolute sucker for romantic comedies. Yes, they are less than realistic, but what is the point of going to the movies if not for a little bit of escape?

The premise is Seyfried, Sophie, is a fact checker at the New Yorker. She is going on a pre-honeymoon with her fiance to Verona. Verona, you know the city where Romeo and Juliet fell in love. Her fiance, played by Gael Garcia Bernal,  is opening a restaurant in New York City and can’t seem to be bothered to spend anytime with his fiance Sophie. Sophie, looking for something interesting to do stumbles upon a group of women who have a very peculiar job. It is their job to answer all the letters women leave to Juliet under her balcony in Verona. While helping these ladies, she comes across a letter in a crevice that has been there for 50 years. Sophie answers the letter which then puts the entire movie into motion.

Next, Charlie, played by Christopher Egan, who is adorable by the way, shows up with his grandmother Claire. Claire, played by Vanessa Redgrave, is the woman who left the letter 50 years ago Sophie answered. Now the three of them are going on an adventure to find Claire’s long lost love Lorenzo. It is easier said than done, apparently Lorenzo Bartalleni is a popular name.

Despite the fact that this movie may seem a bit outlandish to some, the chemistry between Egan and Seyfried is totally there.  The backdrop is beautiful and you become enthralled in all the relationships in the movie. Seyfried has this quality that makes you really care about her character. Egan and Seyfried have that whole opposites attract tug of war that just works. You as a viewer become enthralled in Claire’s search for Lorenzo as well. I think what makes this movie work is that you end up understanding and caring about all the characters involved. They all seem to have real human qualities of people that would be in this situation. For as outlandish as the plot is, the characters are surprisingly realistic. Letters To Juliet is definitely worth the ticket price. See it!


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Review: (500) Days Of Summer



I went to see the indie movie du jour, (500) Days of Summer the weekend it came out. I was really excited to see it, I thought it looked so good from the preview. I first saw the preview went I went and saw Away We Go.

First off, my friend and I showed up about a half hour early and had to sit in the third row! The movie was totally packed. But that might have more to do with the fact that it was only playing at one theatre in the entire city.

I thought the movie was rather remarkable. It does a great job of mixing reality and fantasy together.  The synopsis is this, Tom (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) is a greeting card writer when Summer (Zooey Deschanel) starts working at the same company as the assistant to his boss. The movie does not go in time order, it jumps around the 500 days the couple knows each other. So the audience is shown the end of the movie and then it goes back to the beginning.

Levitt plays Tom well, he is a lost aspiring architect who believes in soul mates. While, Summer tells Tom up front that she does not want a serious relationship. We see Tom struggle with this throughout the film as he tries to convince Summer that he is the one for her.

The movie is realistic and fantastical all at the same time. One of my favorite parts is a musical montage scene right after Tom and Summer spend their first night together. It’s very funny and well done, and in no way seems cheesy or out of place.

Another great scene is where the screen is split up and the audience gets to see one scene from two different angles, what Tom expects to happen, or the expectations side, and what actually happens, or the reality side.

The acting is spot on and the story is sweet, realistic, out there and yet grounded in reality. There is not necessarily a happy ending, but then again from the beginning, the audience is warned that this is not a love story.

If you want to see something that is not run of the mill this summer, this is your movie. Go see it! 🙂

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Review: Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince


So, I went and saw the sixth installment in the Harry Potter series last night. And I’m never disappointed. I sat in line to see the film on the movie theatre floor for about and hour, and then another fourty minutes after being seated in the theatre. This is to be expected on opening night at 7pm. What I really love about Harry Potter is how diverse the audience is, spanning from every age range, both genders and such varied ethnic backgrounds. It truly does go across all boundaries…. anyways……..

The movie itself is truly spectacular. The cinematography is top notch and the movie is visually stunning. The actors, I especially love Rupert Grint, (Ron), are great and have really grown in the roles. They are believeable as the characters because they have been growing up along with their characters. There are many laugh out loud moments in the film because it focuses a lot on adolescent relationships. Magic + hormones is going to make for laughs. The film is also dark in a way I don’t think the others have been.

I think this is the best Potter flick to date. I also think you could see this movie on its own without seeing the other five and still enjoy it.  I absolutely loved it! 🙂

Bottomline: Go see it, Potter fan or not! There is something for everyone in this film.

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Review: Public Enemies


The best part of my Independence Day weekend was getting to see the John Dillinger biopic “Public Enemies.” Johnny Depp is really amazing in capturing the 1930s bank robber. Depp of course pours himself into the character of Dillinger like he does for all of his films, becoming his subject completely. It’s a shame this man does not have an Oscar. And he looks damn good in a suit!

Depp is just as cool, cunning and cuthroat as you might have expected Dillinger to be. And he plays the character with just the right amount of je ne sais quoi. After seeing  Johnny Depp’s performance you understand why Dillinger was such a beloved figure in Depression-era America.  He was ruthless and debonair. I especially enjoyed his courting of Marion Cotillard. She plays Dillinger’s love interest Billie Frechette.  My favorite parts of the movie were Depp and Cotillard interacting. Ohhh when a bank robber loves….. My favorite scene in the movie is their first meeting when they go to a restaurant.

The film is visually beautiful as well. The crime scenes seem very real, like you are sitting in the middle of them. Kudos Michael Mann.

The only part of the movie I did not like was Christian Bale.  Bale as a Southern gentlemen FBI agent…. yeah no. Is  anyone else as sick of him as I am? He is such a flat actor. I half expected him to turn into Batman and go catch Depp’s Dillinger and speak yell at him in super low man voices. He’s such a snore and adds absolutely nothing to the movie.

Bottom line: Public Enemies is worth 10 bucks, and a great date movie, because it’s got the romance and the gun fights.


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Review: Away We Go

Went indie this weekend and went and saw “Away we Go.” The movie stars The Office’s John Krasinksi and former Saturday Night Live Alum Maya Rudolph. Director Sam Mendes changes it up and keeps the movie on the lighter side from his other fare, such as Revolutionary Road or American Beauty.

The movie was only playing at one theater in my city and it was packed! So needless to say other people fell in love with the preview just like I did. I think John Krasinski is just so adorable. And in the movie he doesn’t disappoint.

Krasinski plays Burt, an insurance salesman that sells insurance to insurance companies. It’s funny believe me, because he changes his voice to make himself seem more mature so he can sell insurance to old timers.

Krasinski is boyfriend to Verona, who is now pregnant. After Burt’s parents decide they are moving to Belgium, Verona and Burt decide its time they put down some roots.

The movie follows them on their adventure across the country to find out where they should live and boy do they meet up with some characters on the way!

They meet up with Allison Janney and Jim Gaffigan in Phoenix and the best supporting character ever in Maggie Gyllenhaal in Wisconsin.

The movie is funny in how Burt and Verona deal with the characters they meet on the way and how their relationship deals with these other relationships they come across. Since Burt and Verona are not married, and it’s due to her shooting down his many engagement attempts.

There are laugh out loud moments and nice tender moments between Krasinski and Rudolph.

In the end, they find their home and the audience is left smiling at the end.

Definitely worth your ten dollars this summer season. It’s sweet, and a welcome change from all of the action movie sequels of the summer.

away we go movie

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Carrie Prejean, Miss California USA loses her crown, for realsies this time

The saga of Miss California USA, now former, Carrie Prejean continues.

First there was the whole being against gay marriage thing/tiny Perez Hilton feud/scapegoat for the media debaucle. And after that she was supposed to fade into the background and become a piece of pop culture only to be conjured up 5-10 years later on Vh1’s I love the 2000s-2010!

Instead less than ladylike photos surfaced of Prejean. This resulted in a press conference where Donald Trump announced that he “thouroughly reviewed” the photos and that Prejean would be given a second chance and able to keep her title.

Now, Prejean has been stripped of her title for apparently not fulfilling her contract. Her contract inclues things like charity appearances and other commitments. Prejean has said that she has not violated her contract and was never contacted about any appearances.

At this point, I don’t think the title matters. This girl has recieved so much media attention that people now know her name.  Does anyone even know the name of the girl who actually won the Miss USA title? Nope, but everyone knows Carrie Prejean now. I for one think she is smarter than people give her credit for. She’ll probably end up with a show on Fox News about pop culture. Perhaps Trump will get a cut? Maybe that’s why he turned her loose?!

Kudos Miss Prejean for being able to keep your name on Google News for all this time. And you didn’t even have to go to rehab!



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Why I love The Real Housewives of New Jersey



I’m a big fan of the ‘Real Housewives’ franchise. But I have to say that Jersey might just be my new favorite. Where Atlanta fell completely flat, the newest spin-off picks up the pace considerably.

First off, this show is way more true to the traditional definiton of housewives. There are three actual housewives on the show, which the other ones did not really have. Caroline, Jacqueline and Teresea are actual housewives, so with real housewives comes real drama!

I think I love Jersey so much more because these women seem much more true to themselves and not concerned with how they are perceived on camera. Like how Teresea pays for everything in cash, or Caroline wanting to investigate Danielle. It all seems really genuine.

The show so far seems to be focusing on the divide that housewife Danielle creates. She is trying to drive a wedge between Jacqueline and her family because Jacqueline is sister-in-law to both Dina and Caroline, who are sisters, married to brothers! Oh the tangled webs.

Danielle really does not seem like a genuine person to me, after nobody, not even her oldest and dearest friend did not know that she has a checkered past.

This show is a good old fashioned family beat down, and I love watching every second of it. Plus, Caroline’s sons make me laugh everytime they are on screen and I think Albie is cute. It’s just good summer programming! Thank you Bravo.

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