Conan O’Brien’s first night as the host of The Tonight Show

I must preface this post by indicating that I am a huge Conan O’Brien fan! I think he is so funny! I have never been much of a fan of Jay Leno, I have never really thought he was very funny.

That said, I thought Conan did just a fine job on his debut. According to an article from The Associated Press, he had more viewers than The Late Show and Nightline combined.

I thought Conan’s first show was classic Conan. The opening scene where he is running from NYC to LA was a really cute way to introduce the show. The skit he did where he was directing a Universal Studios tour was funny as was his interview with Will Ferrell. Plus the amazing surprise of Andy Richter, Conan’s old side kick is back, but behind a podium this time, that was a little awkward. I wish Andy would sit next to Conan like old times, and like a legit side kick should.

Bottom line is that hosting for Conan is not new, so he doesn’t have to make the same kind of adjustments as say Jimmy Fallon has had to to take over Conan’s old show. I’m excited to see Conan in an earlier time slot every night!



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Star Trek Review from a non-Trekkie

I went and saw Star Trek on a whim. I would have normally never even saw the movie because I have no connection to the TV show by the same name.

Well, I’m really glad that I did go ahead and see it, although I did hesitate. The movie was extremely entertaining. Chris Pine, who plays Captain Kirk is pretty good in his role and quite believeable in his character. He is also amazing big screen man candy! I can’t believe that’s the same guy from Princess Diaries 2!

The movie follows Kirk before he become captain, and it involves time travel, a little rivalry with Spock and a creepy looking, and effective Eric Bana as the villian.

What I liked most about the movie is that it does not take itself too seriously. It’s not trying to be dark like the new Batman franchise, which I for one totally hate! I love campy Batman! POW! There are moments where you will laugh out loud and that what makes Star Trek fun to watch.

Star Trek totally succeeds for me and is worth your summer movie dollars.


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Omgee… RPattz has forgotten his tee!

Came across the most amazing little tidbit of info today for the Twilight nation to eat up.

MTV UK has been so kind to give fans a glimpse of how sculpted Robert Pattinson has gotten himself.

Holy crap is New Moon going to be amazing! I mean look at those abs!

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No Doubt summer tour review 2009

After a way too long hiatus, No Doubt is back and better than ever. I have been a No Doubt fan since about 1995, when “Don’t Speak” came out. I still think that song is one of the best ever written. If you don’t think so, have another listen.

Anyways, I attended the concert on May 23 at Cricket Pavillion in Phoenix,AZ. And I have to say as an all around show, all inclusive, it was one of the best shows I have been to in years.

The Sounds, from Sweden, the first opening act was interesting and worth a Google look up post show.

Paramorewas just amazing. The lead singer is so talented, she sounded the same as her recordings and kept her energy up the entire set.  Hayley Williams is the second coming of No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani.

Speaking of No Doubt, they seriously have not missed a beat! They sounded amazing doing songs from all over their catalogue of hits. They were energetic and really involved the audience. Gwen looked amazing and really is the only woman that can pull off punk rock chains and red lipstick.

Go see this show if you get a chance, it’s worth the money and the tour of the summer in my opinion.

Gwen said at the show that they plan to record, I for one can’t wait!



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Speidi is married?! Well that ruins ‘The Hills’ doesn’t it?



As an avid ‘Hills‘ fan I was extremely disappointed to get a preview of the finale of LC‘s last and final season of the show. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt finally tied the knot (legit this time, sans tequila) on Saturday. I now feel no reason to even watch the rest of ‘The Hills’ season since I already know the end. SHE REALLY DOES MARRY THAT GUY!

I have always had my fingers crossed that Heidi would finally break-up with the epitome of douche-yness but alas, my evil plans have been thwarted. Spencer got that girl to walk down the aisle, he should get some kind of award.

So the question remains, why even watch the rest of the season now? I guarantee most viewers were only watching the show to see if they would indeed break-up. Nobody really cares if Stephanie Pratt messes up at People’s Revolution or if Brody hooks up with Audrina. The show had really become the “is she seriously staying with that guy?” show.  A case study to see just how much one person can take from their significant other and not break up with them.

Oh well, guess I’ll just start watching ‘Gossip Girl’reruns on my computer, because at least I didn’t know that Blair and Nate would end up together again. XOXO

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Holy Werewolves: ‘New Moon’ werewolves totally topless


So the werewolves for the Twilight Saga: New Moon have been introduced to the world and all I can say is “Break me off a piece of that.” ( Clueless influences my life on a daily basis.) The hotness is a little too much to handle. I’m so excited that I don’t recognize any tanned or bronzed faces of actors I know. They have actually cast actors of Native American descent…… <GASP!> it’s like super authentic! Can’t wait for New Moon.

SIDE NOTE: Has anyone seen Taylor Lautner’s bod right now? It is out of control…… I had to go get my inhaler after I saw him on E! the other day.  See here.

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Actresses appear sans make-up for French Elle cover… and it’s awesome!

Magazines and makeup are usually said in the same breath. Celebrities without their makeup is rarely on display at a fashion magazine, it’s more OMG can you believe that photo of her online without her makeup celeb trash fodder.

However, French Ellehas done the unthinkable for their April 2009 cover! They put actresses on the cover without makeup!  GASP!!!!!!!! Now, who knows if  this is completely make-up free, but they are majorly under done (and the lighting is probably amazing).  Some of the European celebs went sans maquillage- Eva Herzigova, Monica Bellucci, Sophie Marceau, and Charlotte Rampling. And guess what?! They all look absolutely beautiful! And of course they are all beautiful women anyways.

This is incredibly revealing of the European vs. American audience of magazines. Is this fake perfection the American ideal? I wish the American magazine editors would take note and try something of the same. Women and young girls in America need to know that perfection is fake and unattainable. They need to know that celebs are just people, and something like this is a step in the right direction. Can you imagine a non makeup issue stateside? Staring at you at the supermarket check out? Chances are slim, sigh.




check out more photos from the shine from yahoo posting.

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