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Carrie Prejean, Miss California USA loses her crown, for realsies this time

The saga of Miss California USA, now former, Carrie Prejean continues.

First there was the whole being against gay marriage thing/tiny Perez Hilton feud/scapegoat for the media debaucle. And after that she was supposed to fade into the background and become a piece of pop culture only to be conjured up 5-10 years later on Vh1’s I love the 2000s-2010!

Instead less than ladylike photos surfaced of Prejean. This resulted in a press conference where Donald Trump announced that he “thouroughly reviewed” the photos and that Prejean would be given a second chance and able to keep her title.

Now, Prejean has been stripped of her title for apparently not fulfilling her contract. Her contract inclues things like charity appearances and other commitments. Prejean has said that she has not violated her contract and was never contacted about any appearances.

At this point, I don’t think the title matters. This girl has recieved so much media attention that people now know her name.  Does anyone even know the name of the girl who actually won the Miss USA title? Nope, but everyone knows Carrie Prejean now. I for one think she is smarter than people give her credit for. She’ll probably end up with a show on Fox News about pop culture. Perhaps Trump will get a cut? Maybe that’s why he turned her loose?!

Kudos Miss Prejean for being able to keep your name on Google News for all this time. And you didn’t even have to go to rehab!




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Why I love The Real Housewives of New Jersey



I’m a big fan of the ‘Real Housewives’ franchise. But I have to say that Jersey might just be my new favorite. Where Atlanta fell completely flat, the newest spin-off picks up the pace considerably.

First off, this show is way more true to the traditional definiton of housewives. There are three actual housewives on the show, which the other ones did not really have. Caroline, Jacqueline and Teresea are actual housewives, so with real housewives comes real drama!

I think I love Jersey so much more because these women seem much more true to themselves and not concerned with how they are perceived on camera. Like how Teresea pays for everything in cash, or Caroline wanting to investigate Danielle. It all seems really genuine.

The show so far seems to be focusing on the divide that housewife Danielle creates. She is trying to drive a wedge between Jacqueline and her family because Jacqueline is sister-in-law to both Dina and Caroline, who are sisters, married to brothers! Oh the tangled webs.

Danielle really does not seem like a genuine person to me, after nobody, not even her oldest and dearest friend did not know that she has a checkered past.

This show is a good old fashioned family beat down, and I love watching every second of it. Plus, Caroline’s sons make me laugh everytime they are on screen and I think Albie is cute. It’s just good summer programming! Thank you Bravo.

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Speidi is married?! Well that ruins ‘The Hills’ doesn’t it?



As an avid ‘Hills‘ fan I was extremely disappointed to get a preview of the finale of LC‘s last and final season of the show. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt finally tied the knot (legit this time, sans tequila) on Saturday. I now feel no reason to even watch the rest of ‘The Hills’ season since I already know the end. SHE REALLY DOES MARRY THAT GUY!

I have always had my fingers crossed that Heidi would finally break-up with the epitome of douche-yness but alas, my evil plans have been thwarted. Spencer got that girl to walk down the aisle, he should get some kind of award.

So the question remains, why even watch the rest of the season now? I guarantee most viewers were only watching the show to see if they would indeed break-up. Nobody really cares if Stephanie Pratt messes up at People’s Revolution or if Brody hooks up with Audrina. The show had really become the “is she seriously staying with that guy?” show.  A case study to see just how much one person can take from their significant other and not break up with them.

Oh well, guess I’ll just start watching ‘Gossip Girl’reruns on my computer, because at least I didn’t know that Blair and Nate would end up together again. XOXO

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Jimmy Fallon aims high for first ‘Late Night’ Show

I think the best part of Jimmy Fallon’s debut as the new host of NBC’s ‘Late Night’ was Conan O’Brien. Conan appeared in the opening skit packing up his old dressing room. Fallon had a list of guests that Conan could have only dreamed of in 1993(Robert DeNiro, Justin Timberlake, Van Morrison), and he did okay with it, but clearly Fallon is going to need some time to adjust to the job.

Now don’t get me wrong, I like Jimmy Fallon, but I’ve been a Conan fan since I was 14. It’s hard for me to watch Late Night with Jimmy Fallon at first and to accept that there will no longer be a red headed giant entertaining me in the time slot.

Here is what I found that worked in the show:

* Fallon looks good in a suit.

* The Roots.

* The Justin Timberlake interview: It was genuine, they are obviously friends.

What didn’t work:

* The entire time Robert DeNiro was on the show: Fallon needs to work on his interview skills and that skit was super dumb.

* His monologue: He didn’t seem comfortable. That should get better with time.

I’m confident Fallon will fall into the Late Night niche nicely, in time.


see other reviews.

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Daily Obsession


Today’s obsession is a television one. All I can say is thank goodness for TIVO and full seasons on DVD. Gossip Girl is definitely a guilty pleasure, except I’m not ashamed to share. Again, chalk another one up to my thirteen-year-old girl tendencies. Catch on the CW, mondays 8/7 central. Believe me, if you were a fan of the OC, this is like OC in NYC.


oh and OMFG, just for good measure.

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