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Carrie Prejean, Miss California USA loses her crown, for realsies this time

The saga of Miss California USA, now former, Carrie Prejean continues.

First there was the whole being against gay marriage thing/tiny Perez Hilton feud/scapegoat for the media debaucle. And after that she was supposed to fade into the background and become a piece of pop culture only to be conjured up 5-10 years later on Vh1’s I love the 2000s-2010!

Instead less than ladylike photos surfaced of Prejean. This resulted in a press conference where Donald Trump announced that he “thouroughly reviewed” the photos and that Prejean would be given a second chance and able to keep her title.

Now, Prejean has been stripped of her title for apparently not fulfilling her contract. Her contract inclues things like charity appearances and other commitments. Prejean has said that she has not violated her contract and was never contacted about any appearances.

At this point, I don’t think the title matters. This girl has recieved so much media attention that people now know her name.  Does anyone even know the name of the girl who actually won the Miss USA title? Nope, but everyone knows Carrie Prejean now. I for one think she is smarter than people give her credit for. She’ll probably end up with a show on Fox News about pop culture. Perhaps Trump will get a cut? Maybe that’s why he turned her loose?!

Kudos Miss Prejean for being able to keep your name on Google News for all this time. And you didn’t even have to go to rehab!




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Daily Obsession

This obsession is truly daily. Since I am on the computer all day at work, and my workplace does not have blocks on hardly any site I want to go on other than Victoria’s Secret ( I don’t know why either, websense blocks the words lingerie and underwear, hey websense i just want to look at the BRAS!). I am on Facebook all day at work. I joined about four years ago when all you could do was really upload your picture. It has become such a different animal now.

Facebook is definitely my favorite way to stay in touch with old friends. I would have probably never talked to that girl from fifth grade again.

And I love how facebook has become such an extension of who we are as people. I love Twilight, it shows on my facebook, I have a blog, post it on facebook, I have fake friends, oh wait, no I swear they’re real. So what if I met him for 20 seconds at some house party. I have actual conversations now that begin with “So did you get that FB invite,” or ” On FB it says he’s in a relationship.” And yes, we have even shortened it now.

So here’s to you facebook, thanks for making the work day go a little faster!

And ps: Gotta love the bumper sticker app, mos def my favorite one. See one my friend just gave me:


that sticker combines several of my obsessions into one package 😉

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