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Daily obsession

Okay, so I know everyone is probably so fed up with my ‘Twilight’ obsession. But guess what I don’t care! I found a new way to love the series, the Soundtrack. Here’s the track list:

1. Muse– Super Massive Black Hole

2. Paramore– Decode

3. The Black Ghosts-Full Moon

4. Linkin Park– Leave out All the Rest

5. Mutemath– Spotlight [Twilight mix]

6. Perry Farrell– Go All The Way [Into the Twilight]

7. Collective Soul– Tremble for my Beloved

8. Paramore– I Caught Myself

9. Blue Foundation– Eyes on Fire

10. Rob Pattinson– Never Think

11. Iron & Wine– Flightless Bird, American Mouth

12. Carter Burwell– Bella’s Lullaby

I love that the movie relies on Alt rock and indie to get its message across. I’m glad it’s not a big sweeping John Williams score a la Harry Potter.

My favorite part of the whole cd is tracks 9-12. I think the Rob Pattinson song is really surprising, his voice is deep and endearing. The Iron & Wine song, is just amazing, it’s played in the last scene where Bella and Edward are dancing. It then flows perfectly well into “Bella’s Lullaby”, an instrumental song. I didn’t think it was possible to get a piano piece stuck in your head!

Plus that Muse song is just bomb! The soundtrack has inspired me to buy the Iron & Wine Cd and the Muse Cd. Great soundtrack, great to listen to.




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Daily Obsession

This obsession is truly daily. Since I am on the computer all day at work, and my workplace does not have blocks on hardly any site I want to go on other than Victoria’s Secret ( I don’t know why either, websense blocks the words lingerie and underwear, hey websense i just want to look at the BRAS!). I am on Facebook all day at work. I joined about four years ago when all you could do was really upload your picture. It has become such a different animal now.

Facebook is definitely my favorite way to stay in touch with old friends. I would have probably never talked to that girl from fifth grade again.

And I love how facebook has become such an extension of who we are as people. I love Twilight, it shows on my facebook, I have a blog, post it on facebook, I have fake friends, oh wait, no I swear they’re real. So what if I met him for 20 seconds at some house party. I have actual conversations now that begin with “So did you get that FB invite,” or ” On FB it says he’s in a relationship.” And yes, we have even shortened it now.

So here’s to you facebook, thanks for making the work day go a little faster!

And ps: Gotta love the bumper sticker app, mos def my favorite one. See one my friend just gave me:


that sticker combines several of my obsessions into one package 😉

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Hottie Alert!

K, take a deep breath. And if you have asthma like me, you might want to have your inhaler handy for what you are about to see.

It’s Rihanna‘s new video for “Rehab.” Now the song, is just whatever to me, typical Rihanna fare. But the video, the video, has me hyperventilating.

I haven’t seen such good use for Justin Timberlake since, well, ever really.  Go see for yourself, I promise you won’t be sorry.

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Daily Obsession

I’m so excited for Britney Spears’ new album Circus. I’m going to definitely pick it up when it drops Dec. 2nd. I have been a Britney fan since Baby… One more time. I guess you could say she is kind of part of my childhood. And I always found myself rooting for her.  I hope she raises like a Phoenix from the Ashes and gives America the Britney we’ve all been longing for. The mini-diva who has always seemed so bewildered, yet lovable.

I enjoyed the last album Blackout, and I think Britney is going to be in prime form, both physically (have you seen the vid for “Womanzier“?) and emotionally. I’ve got my fingers crossed for Brit, and I will willing hand over my hard earned cash for a concert ticket if she tours in my direction!

I will review CD asap. Read a review here.


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daily obsession

Happy Thanksgiving all. The best part of Thanksgiving for me is def BLACK FRIDAY! Not only is Christmas music finally appropriate for listening, you also finally get to see the wild look in everyone’s eye. You know the look, that look of terror “what the hell I’m I going to get him/her” look. Now I’m not one of those people who is going to be out at Kohl’s at 4am. The only way you could get me anywhere at 4 am is if I was already out the night before, still drunk, and I could keep anything I could get my hands on in the store for free. Mostly I enjoy black friday because it offers the greatest people watching in the world. The folks shopping are so diverse, but everyone still has a smidge of “the Look”. So if the deals don’t do it for you, grab a latte and get some serious people watching in tomorrow. Happy shopping citizens!



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daily obsession

Gotta love Beyonce. Despite the fact that the girl rarely wears pants recently,(seriously what’s with the leotard/unitard all the time?), Her new single “Single ladies (Put A ring on it)” is just too much fun. Super fun monogamy anthems are rare these days. Plus the dancing in the video is just hot. I also find the Super Nintendo Super Mario Bros. noise in the background amusing. Now I have to learn all the words so I can scream sing it in my car. (not my car, I wish)


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daily obsession

New Daily obsession, to add to my Twilight ones, is Robert Pattinson, you know Edward the vampire. He didn’t excite me at all when he played Cedric Diggory in the Harry Potter flicks, I think it was the weird slicked back hair. Floopy hair and a jawline that could cut glass…. gets me every time!
Love him, enough said!



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