Review: Away We Go

Went indie this weekend and went and saw “Away we Go.” The movie stars The Office’s John Krasinksi and former Saturday Night Live Alum Maya Rudolph. Director Sam Mendes changes it up and keeps the movie on the lighter side from his other fare, such as Revolutionary Road or American Beauty.

The movie was only playing at one theater in my city and it was packed! So needless to say other people fell in love with the preview just like I did. I think John Krasinski is just so adorable. And in the movie he doesn’t disappoint.

Krasinski plays Burt, an insurance salesman that sells insurance to insurance companies. It’s funny believe me, because he changes his voice to make himself seem more mature so he can sell insurance to old timers.

Krasinski is boyfriend to Verona, who is now pregnant. After Burt’s parents decide they are moving to Belgium, Verona and Burt decide its time they put down some roots.

The movie follows them on their adventure across the country to find out where they should live and boy do they meet up with some characters on the way!

They meet up with Allison Janney and Jim Gaffigan in Phoenix and the best supporting character ever in Maggie Gyllenhaal in Wisconsin.

The movie is funny in how Burt and Verona deal with the characters they meet on the way and how their relationship deals with these other relationships they come across. Since Burt and Verona are not married, and it’s due to her shooting down his many engagement attempts.

There are laugh out loud moments and nice tender moments between Krasinski and Rudolph.

In the end, they find their home and the audience is left smiling at the end.

Definitely worth your ten dollars this summer season. It’s sweet, and a welcome change from all of the action movie sequels of the summer.

away we go movie


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