Why I love The Real Housewives of New Jersey



I’m a big fan of the ‘Real Housewives’ franchise. But I have to say that Jersey might just be my new favorite. Where Atlanta fell completely flat, the newest spin-off picks up the pace considerably.

First off, this show is way more true to the traditional definiton of housewives. There are three actual housewives on the show, which the other ones did not really have. Caroline, Jacqueline and Teresea are actual housewives, so with real housewives comes real drama!

I think I love Jersey so much more because these women seem much more true to themselves and not concerned with how they are perceived on camera. Like how Teresea pays for everything in cash, or Caroline wanting to investigate Danielle. It all seems really genuine.

The show so far seems to be focusing on the divide that housewife Danielle creates. She is trying to drive a wedge between Jacqueline and her family because Jacqueline is sister-in-law to both Dina and Caroline, who are sisters, married to brothers! Oh the tangled webs.

Danielle really does not seem like a genuine person to me, after nobody, not even her oldest and dearest friend did not know that she has a checkered past.

This show is a good old fashioned family beat down, and I love watching every second of it. Plus, Caroline’s sons make me laugh everytime they are on screen and I think Albie is cute. It’s just good summer programming! Thank you Bravo.


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