Conan O’Brien’s first night as the host of The Tonight Show

I must preface this post by indicating that I am a huge Conan O’Brien fan! I think he is so funny! I have never been much of a fan of Jay Leno, I have never really thought he was very funny.

That said, I thought Conan did just a fine job on his debut. According to an article from The Associated Press, he had more viewers than The Late Show and Nightline combined.

I thought Conan’s first show was classic Conan. The opening scene where he is running from NYC to LA was a really cute way to introduce the show. The skit he did where he was directing a Universal Studios tour was funny as was his interview with Will Ferrell. Plus the amazing surprise of Andy Richter, Conan’s old side kick is back, but behind a podium this time, that was a little awkward. I wish Andy would sit next to Conan like old times, and like a legit side kick should.

Bottom line is that hosting for Conan is not new, so he doesn’t have to make the same kind of adjustments as say Jimmy Fallon has had to to take over Conan’s old show. I’m excited to see Conan in an earlier time slot every night!



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