No Doubt summer tour review 2009

After a way too long hiatus, No Doubt is back and better than ever. I have been a No Doubt fan since about 1995, when “Don’t Speak” came out. I still think that song is one of the best ever written. If you don’t think so, have another listen.

Anyways, I attended the concert on May 23 at Cricket Pavillion in Phoenix,AZ. And I have to say as an all around show, all inclusive, it was one of the best shows I have been to in years.

The Sounds, from Sweden, the first opening act was interesting and worth a Google look up post show.

Paramorewas just amazing. The lead singer is so talented, she sounded the same as her recordings and kept her energy up the entire set.  Hayley Williams is the second coming of No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani.

Speaking of No Doubt, they seriously have not missed a beat! They sounded amazing doing songs from all over their catalogue of hits. They were energetic and really involved the audience. Gwen looked amazing and really is the only woman that can pull off punk rock chains and red lipstick.

Go see this show if you get a chance, it’s worth the money and the tour of the summer in my opinion.

Gwen said at the show that they plan to record, I for one can’t wait!




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3 responses to “No Doubt summer tour review 2009

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  2. gavintiegirl

    Do you remember the set list and how long they played for. I am going to the Tampa show tonight and I am curious. Thanks!

    • theswellsavvygirl

      Hey there!

      I think they played for around 2 hours so that was amazing! Here are some of the songs I remember in no particular order:
      Hey Baby, Just A Girl, Don’t Speak, Bathwater, Running, Underneath it All, Different People, Stand and Deliver, Hella Good, Rock Steady

      They played so many songs its hard to keep track of! I hope you have so much fun at the show, they are doing a simply amazing job on their summer tour!

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