Speidi is married?! Well that ruins ‘The Hills’ doesn’t it?



As an avid ‘Hills‘ fan I was extremely disappointed to get a preview of the finale of LC‘s last and final season of the show. Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt finally tied the knot (legit this time, sans tequila) on Saturday. I now feel no reason to even watch the rest of ‘The Hills’ season since I already know the end. SHE REALLY DOES MARRY THAT GUY!

I have always had my fingers crossed that Heidi would finally break-up with the epitome of douche-yness but alas, my evil plans have been thwarted. Spencer got that girl to walk down the aisle, he should get some kind of award.

So the question remains, why even watch the rest of the season now? I guarantee most viewers were only watching the show to see if they would indeed break-up. Nobody really cares if Stephanie Pratt messes up at People’s Revolution or if Brody hooks up with Audrina. The show had really become the “is she seriously staying with that guy?” show.  A case study to see just how much one person can take from their significant other and not break up with them.

Oh well, guess I’ll just start watching ‘Gossip Girl’reruns on my computer, because at least I didn’t know that Blair and Nate would end up together again. XOXO


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