Review: I Love You, Man

I went and saw I Love You, Man on opening weekend over the Julia Roberts/Clive Owen (sigh) vehicle Duplicity and I’m sure glad I did. The movie was so freaking hilarious. The movie is in the same category as SuperBad and Knocked Up… So if you can’t stomach raunchy sex jokes and lewd humor stay away.

If you can… Step right up! I Love You, Man is your movie! Even as a female I found the movie to be comedic perfection. But then again I quote Superbad and Knocked Up with my sister, so perhaps I’m not the most reliable source. Paul Rudd plays Peter Klaven, a real estate agent who has no male friends. And he is engaged to Zooey (Rashida Jones of ‘The Office’ Karen fame). Zooey wants him to find some male friends and after a few set-ups by his brother and mother her meets Sydney (Jason Segel) at an open house.

Sydney is a Peter Pan type of loner who has never really grown up. Left in the dust by his friends who have moved on to marriage and babies. Peter is the guy who never got to really hang out and have guy time. They both need eachother and it’s endearing.

Rudd has been adorable since ‘Clueless‘ and doesn’t look like he’s even aged a day since then (A Total Baldwin)! Segel is so funny and likeable as Sydney… think of his character is ‘Forgetting Sarah Marshall‘ but with a bit more angst and less Dracula puppet musical.

I feel like Jones is just there as the female, but she is effective and never annoying as a character of this type can be. You know the whole unapproving girlfriend bit can lead to an unlikeable bitchy female lead, but Jones manages to evade that. I feel like she’s playing Karen outside The Office, but whatever.

The supporting cast is so much fun! Love Jaime Pressly!



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