Review: Confessions of A Shopaholic

As a fan of the novel by Sophie Kinsella, I was an eager participant among those to see the movie version of Confessions of A Shopaholic on it’s opening day. The novel was cute mindless fun that made the reader connect with Rebecca Bloomwood. She was like one of your girlfriends, quirky and lacking a little common sense but you still love her.

I thought Isla Fisher ( of Wedding Crashers) played the part quite well, despite the fact that the writers gave her almost zero material to work with. She was left doing the best she could with a crappy script. The movie was all over the place!

First off, the love story was too rushed. Luke (Hugh Dancy) and Rebecca seem to go from a boss-employee relationship to kissing on a rooftop far too quickly. There was hardly any flirting, and no romantic buildup, so therefore there is hardly any pay-off.

The movie can’t figure out what it’s doing. Is it a cautionary tale about an excessive overspender? Not really. A cute way of telling a love story? No. A reason to spend your 9.50 or cash in movie gift certs from Xmas? NO!

OH an can anyone please tell me why the mannequins in shop windows are their own character? They wave to Rebecca, is she crazy or something? I get what they were trying to go for but it didn’t translate on screen.



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  1. Indeed, the plot was all over the place

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