Grammy Night Debaucle featuring Chris Brown and Rihanna

The Grammys on Sunday night were at best so-so. Really who comes up with these awkward pairings (Stevie Wonder and the Jobros? Really?). But the real news didn’t happen at the awards ceremony. Chris Brown is now facing felony charges for allegedly roughing up and threatening girlfriend and supersinger Rihanna just before the awards show. This caused both singers to promptly cancel their appearances.

Now according to an article from the New York Daily News, the fight started over a booty call text that Chis Brown recieved that Rihanna saw.  According to, Rihanna had a contusion on her forehead, a split lip and bite marks on her hands. 

I find the news completely appalling. I can’t believe it, I’m eager for more details to come out. All I know for sure is I hope that Rihanna does not just forgive Chris, and makes him own up to his actions. All in all, I think this is what DISTRUBIA really looks like.


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