Leave Jessica Simpson Alone!

Does anyone else feel sorry for poor Jessica Simpson?  She shows up at a performance looking in my opinion healthier and happier than her days as Daisy Duke (ahem airbrushing) and the press slaughters her.

Okay, so maybe girlfriend should lay off the high waisted jeans but come on.  I don’t know anyone in real life who is naturally as skinny as singers and actresses. So what if she looked thinner three years ago? She was probably dying of starvation or amped up on diet pills.

The girl is happy. She probably is happy in her relationship with Tony Romo and happy with her career. So why does it matter if she looks more normal? If anything us “regular” gals should be thanking her. She’s beautiful and I hope one day to have meal with jess that includes a burger and a milkshake.


Click here to see the photo.


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