Vanessa Hudgens in ‘New Moon’? How ’bout no!

Got wind of some interesting news about the ‘Twilight‘ sequel ‘New Moon’. It appears HSM star and Zac Efron arm candy, Vanessa Hudgens auditioned for the role of Leah Clearwater in the sequel.

I’m hoping it doesn’t go any farther than that. I know being a fan and reading the books makes one bias since each reader has their own Leah Clearwater in mind, but Hudgens? It’s just a no for me!

I would like to hear from a Twihard who thinks Hudgens could work because I don’t see it at all. Vanessa is just too cute-sy for the role. I just think it takes someone with more emotion behind the eyes to play a character like Leah Clearwater. A scorned lover, the only female werewolf. The freak among freaks? I mean seriously, Hudgens? She’s such a yawn. Although I would like to see what she would look like without the perfect spray tan.

I hope they go in the vain of the first film, casting unknowns. The casting of the whole Forks gain was spot on, with no star power distractions. Just the way  I like it! And is it possible to find a teen actress who is actually Native American? Is it that hard?


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One response to “Vanessa Hudgens in ‘New Moon’? How ’bout no!

  1. kelsey

    I TOTALLY agree. I dont see her in that role at ALL. She is WAY to young, and I dont think she could get the depth of the sadness in the relationship. PLUS I like unknown actors that you dont have a pre-set character you know them as.

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