How adorable is Kate Winslet?


I’ll never get back the four hours of my life that I lost watching the Golden Globes last night. It’s okay though, it was all worth it to see Kate Winslet pick up two awards.

I think Winslet is one of the most under appreciated actresses, at least when it comes to awards season. She is so adorable and easy to like.

When she accepted her first award for Best Supporting Actress Drama for her role in The Reader. She had a look of genuine shock on her face. There is nothing better than a celebrity who doesn’t expect to win and think she’s the best. One who is actually flattered.

The shock of the first award turned to complete awe when she won the globe for Best Actress in a Leading Role Drama for Revolutionary Road. With visible tears in her eyes, Winslet made her way to accept her award and could only giver her speech after telling herself to “gather”. She didn’t ever really “gather” but she made it through her speech. Even after Angelina Jolie gave her a cock-eyed look for forgetting her nomination for Changeling while Winslet thanked her fellow actresses for their company in the category.

In my opinion, there is no better role model in the film industry than Winslet. She is a true talent, who did not succumb to Hollywood pressures. Time and time again she’s refused to let herself be classified, and that’s admirable. GO KATE,(loved you since Titanic!) I can’t wait to see both movies!


Oh and she looked so gorgeous!


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