Mini-Review: ‘Four Christmases’

Went and saw the new Vince Vaughn flick, Four Christmases tonight. The movie is so hilarious. Now, if you don’t like Vince Vaughn humor, you won’t like this movie. If you do, well you will.

It’s a lot of bizarre but funny scenario comedy that revolves around visiting Brad (Vince) and Kate’s (Reese Witherspoon) families at Christmas. This movie is really just like your run of the mill Christmas family comedy, except on crack. Literally several time my sister turned to me in the theater and said “this movie is on crack”. But it’s on crack in a good way, the good stuff.

Vaughn is his usual hilarious self, doing off the cuff better than anyone else out there. He’s so believable. Witherspoon is just adorable. The woman has great comedic timing, as she proved before in Legally Blonde, I wish she did comedies more often. The supporting cast is also quite good.

This movie is a must see if you are looking for a fun laughing romp to de-stress from your holiday melee. Also, the opening scene is to die for. My sister and I couldn’t figure out why we were the only ones bursting out in laughter. Meh, maybe we were just in a super conservative audience.



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