Kanye West, the intern?

It seems Kanye West wants to embark on a fashion internship in London. Is it just me or does anyone else think that Kanye wouldn’t exactly be the best intern? I don’t see the man doing bitch work, especially for free. He can’t even handle being snubbed at award shows, much less probably picking up orders for lattes and using Excel.

I don’t see this happening unless there is a reality show attached to it. He’s already doing his own fashion line, what is with this whole obsession with being an intern? I’m sure he could get meetings with these designers on his own.

Just chalk it up to another thing Kanye can’t do, like sing and hold his temper. I mean come on did anyone see his performance on SNL, please just stick to rapping Kanye, I miss your college drop out phase. Plus I thought taking unpaid internships was something only white people did, a la the site stuffwhitepeoplelike.com.


Ziegfeld Theater


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