Review: Britney Spears ‘Circus’

It’s just like Ringling Bros., except without the awkward elephant smell. Britney Spears’ new album is Brit grown up a bit. The girl still has it, and she’s back to show us what she can do. I’m going to break down the new album track by track.

1. Womanizer- Perfect first single, one of the album’s best.

2. Circus- This is a super catchy tune that has an awesome back beat. Love the part where Britney sings ” Stop watching me, follow me, show me what you can do.” Maybe my favorite track on the album. Also, killer video.

3. Out from Under- It’s no Everytime, enough said.

4. Kill the Lights- The beginning sound is cool, but the lyrics just suck and the song turns out being just plain annoying.

5. Shattered Glass- Wait? Is this “Kill the Lights” part deux, redux? Oh no its not. Gosh Brit sure does love a simile. Have you seen that movie Bedazzled? I picture this song being played in the non-stop hell dance party scene. Very overproduced.

6. If You Seek Amy- Catchy as hell, hidden meanings, what more could you ask for? Love love love! Super fun to loudly sing in the car and then giggle at yourself for scream singing the chorus.

7. Unusual You- Trust issue anthem anyone? Maybe but you will find yourself humming it.

8. Blur- More believable pre-conservatorship Britney. But, the girl sounds like she’s been there, and who really hasn’t?

9. Mmm Papi- This has crazy dance in your underwear alone in your room potential!!!! Silly lyrics but for some reason I just love the part: “Now see I’m mommy and that make you papi, and that make us lovey.” Just imagine lip syncing this into your mirror, pure pop perfection!

10. Mannequin- Creepy Club track, so who’s bringing the stobe and glo sticks to my dance party?

11. Lace & Leather- Does lace and leather even go together? Oh I get it, a juxtaposition. Lace=old Britney, leather= New Britney, me= all around don’t care, SKIP!

12. My Baby- About her kids I would guess, a cute almost lullaby worth a listen.

Bonus Tracks:

Radar- A sick track but it was already on “Blackout,” so what is it doing here?

Rock Me In- Club worthy track that would go perfect with a light show. Fun track. It sounds like what it might be like to drive through a pile of glitter.

Phonography- The paparazzi song duh! It’s like and updated “Bills, Bills, Bills” except with a quasi rap about her Bluetooth…..

Overall, a pretty good Britney offering. Although, I personally liked more songs on Blackout, but BSpears wasn’t mentally ready for a real comeback then. I’m sure I’ll be at the Circus when it comes to my town.


Circus, Womanizer, If You Seek Amy, Mmm Papi, Unusual You




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2 responses to “Review: Britney Spears ‘Circus’

  1. Cpattz

    OMG You skip Lace and Leather!??

    What are we going to do on the ride to LA? lol

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