What like being a Recessionista is hard?

Hey, home slices, we’re in a recession. That’s cool, it happens from time to time, history repeating itself and such. Although, this time around,I’ve seen tons of articles about becoming a recessionista, a fashionista, but on the cheap. I don’t understand these articles, it’s called having a little energy and imagination.

Bargains are not hard to find, they just take time. You need to be aware of  deals and know the value of a good coupon. I have bought most of my Christmas gifts for around 10 bucks each, but they are worth a lot more. My biggest tip is to scour, scour sale racks, sale tables, sale kiosks, everything. Another good tip is to get yourself on the email lists for some of the stores you like. Most stores send out coupons like crazy. Use the internet to your advantage.  Macy’s is go to for great shoe, bag and clothing steals, and if you crave up to the minute trends on the  cheap, spend a fraction at Forever 21.

Happy hunting my fellow recessionistas.  Or keep up your old habits, those that choose not to pay full price. Yeah, I guess recessionista sounds better.



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  1. Cpattz

    Speaking of coupons and mailing lists, ULTA has a great members program. You get weekly coupons and a catalog in the mail with even more coupons. Also Sephora. You may think they’re expensive but they pimp the coupons like no other. Sign up with them, and they will be emailing you coupons and info on specials. Like take for instance the $15.00 off $35.00 min. coupon I got in my inbox the other day. That’s like almost 50%! That’s like totally rad!

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