Daily obsession

Okay, so I know everyone is probably so fed up with my ‘Twilight’ obsession. But guess what I don’t care! I found a new way to love the series, the Soundtrack. Here’s the track list:

1. Muse– Super Massive Black Hole

2. Paramore– Decode

3. The Black Ghosts-Full Moon

4. Linkin Park– Leave out All the Rest

5. Mutemath– Spotlight [Twilight mix]

6. Perry Farrell– Go All The Way [Into the Twilight]

7. Collective Soul– Tremble for my Beloved

8. Paramore– I Caught Myself

9. Blue Foundation– Eyes on Fire

10. Rob Pattinson– Never Think

11. Iron & Wine– Flightless Bird, American Mouth

12. Carter Burwell– Bella’s Lullaby

I love that the movie relies on Alt rock and indie to get its message across. I’m glad it’s not a big sweeping John Williams score a la Harry Potter.

My favorite part of the whole cd is tracks 9-12. I think the Rob Pattinson song is really surprising, his voice is deep and endearing. The Iron & Wine song, is just amazing, it’s played in the last scene where Bella and Edward are dancing. It then flows perfectly well into “Bella’s Lullaby”, an instrumental song. I didn’t think it was possible to get a piano piece stuck in your head!

Plus that Muse song is just bomb! The soundtrack has inspired me to buy the Iron & Wine Cd and the Muse Cd. Great soundtrack, great to listen to.




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2 responses to “Daily obsession

  1. Cpattz

    Okay so here’s my top five:

    1. Okay this one’s a tie between Muse and Iron & Wine
    2. Bella’s Lullaby
    3. Eyes on Fire
    4. Full Moon
    5. Never Think

  2. Laura

    I’ll never be over my twilight obsession. I’m so in love with this soundtrack I will never get sick of it. Bella’s lullaby and claire de lune are so amazing that Ive picked up piano just so i can play them!!!! Ive been a fan of iron and wine for years and they have a way that soothes my soul. Thanks for the interpretation!

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