Daily Obsession

This obsession is truly daily. Since I am on the computer all day at work, and my workplace does not have blocks on hardly any site I want to go on other than Victoria’s Secret ( I don’t know why either, websense blocks the words lingerie and underwear, hey websense i just want to look at the BRAS!). I am on Facebook all day at work. I joined about four years ago when all you could do was really upload your picture. It has become such a different animal now.

Facebook is definitely my favorite way to stay in touch with old friends. I would have probably never talked to that girl from fifth grade again.

And I love how facebook has become such an extension of who we are as people. I love Twilight, it shows on my facebook, I have a blog, post it on facebook, I have fake friends, oh wait, no I swear they’re real. So what if I met him for 20 seconds at some house party. I have actual conversations now that begin with “So did you get that FB invite,” or ” On FB it says he’s in a relationship.” And yes, we have even shortened it now.

So here’s to you facebook, thanks for making the work day go a little faster!

And ps: Gotta love the bumper sticker app, mos def my favorite one. See one my friend just gave me:


that sticker combines several of my obsessions into one package 😉


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