daily obsession

Happy Thanksgiving all. The best part of Thanksgiving for me is def BLACK FRIDAY! Not only is Christmas music finally appropriate for listening, you also finally get to see the wild look in everyone’s eye. You know the look, that look of terror “what the hell I’m I going to get him/her” look. Now I’m not one of those people who is going to be out at Kohl’s at 4am. The only way you could get me anywhere at 4 am is if I was already out the night before, still drunk, and I could keep anything I could get my hands on in the store for free. Mostly I enjoy black friday because it offers the greatest people watching in the world. The folks shopping are so diverse, but everyone still has a smidge of “the Look”. So if the deals don’t do it for you, grab a latte and get some serious people watching in tomorrow. Happy shopping citizens!




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