Estee Lauder, what a swell lady.

I was doing some shopping online for new makeup. Now, I usually never buy expensive makeup. I’m a drugstore girl. I think it was a sign from the makeup deities when I dropped my newly purchased STILA compact after a night of partying, that I was not to have expensive makeup. Although, there is just something so gratifying and exciting about buying makeup in a department store. You feel chic and like a celebrity, the beauty advisors working only for you. That is just the philosophy that Estee Lauder created, when Josephine Esther Mentzer, her real name, started selling creams her uncle concocted when she lived above her father’s hardware store in Queens, NY.

Estee Lauder does in fact represent the American business dream, the woman pretty much invented the free sample, and bothered the owner of Saks Fifth Ave in New York City until he agreed to carry her line in 1948.

The company, which you think might be reserved for your mother caters to a lot of demographics owning: Clinique, trendy MAC, nature loving Origins, luxury for the soccer mom Bobbi Brown, luxury for the rich folks La Mer, customized Prescriptives, and even two brands carried at Kohls, American Beauty and Flirt!. Along with many others.

Lauder has cornered the market on stuff nobody needs. But oh how we all really want it. Instead of falling into one niche, the company has expanded itself to include customers from all income levels and socioeconomic backgrounds. And you thought Target was the first company to bring luxury products to the everyday consumer, shame.

Read an article about her here. A simply amazing story!

I love Estee Lauder’s new perfume, Sensuous, it’s perfect for cooler weather. It’s spicy, yet sophisticated.



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